Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Stand In - Done.

Finally. It took longer than I wanted, but I finished that puppy. Here's how it went down:

Pitched my managers some ideas/partially written scripts and we zeroed in on The Stand In (I'll whip up a logline and post it soon - I'll tell you this much, it's a romantic comedy). They loved the idea but wanted to change the setting (it went from taking place over several weeks down to a weekend, and from a city setting to a contained setting). More on that soon.

So I thought - no problem. Yeah, it was a problem. At least, not as easy as I figured. Scenes that I loved had to be cut - and I hate cutting scenes I love, although it was right to do it.

The worst part was Act 2 (isn't it always) but I'm hoping some of the set pieces I added will work. I think it flows well, and I tried to be sure to give the main characters their own voices - If you cover the character names on the page, can you tell them apart?

Is it the best thang I ever wrote? Well, no. But I like it, and enjoyed writing it. The movies/stories I like usually aren't main stream stuff...maybe that's why I'm still working the day job! This is certainly mainstreamish, so we'll see what kind of reaction it gets. The Managers will come back with some notes, and once we get it to a place where we're all happy, they'll take it out to the marketplace.

Keep you posted.

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