Tuesday, January 01, 2008

So, it's here......

Oh-8. Welcome!

The Eve was spent at the bro/sis-in-law's, where there were numerous kids running about (2 of them mine) and only about 4 injuries. There was a sweet girl vomitting as well, but that was due to a fall prior to the party (rollar skates) so she had to leave, but she rocks and we hope she's doin' better.

Ah, and there was karaoke. My wife and I sang "Move Along" to our embarassed 5 year old son (one of his fave tunes) and my bro-in-law & I tackled "Abracadabra," "If I Had A Million Dollars", and the one that truly brought the house down - "Total Eclipse Of The Heart."

My dream was to sing "Bust A Move" but we didn't have it on our collection of karaoke CDs.

We actually left around 11 and figured to wrap up 2007 quietly at our house, so we put the kids to sleep.....and fell asleep. My wife woke me up at around 12:20am, 2008. Oops. No ball-drop-watching 4 us.....2nd year in a row.

Now back to some screenplay writin.'


deepstructure said...

yep - get back to the writing! :) actually i don't know how you guys with families do it. i find it hard enough to get work done with just a girlfriend to distract me.

cya in 08!

L.R. Williams said...

Happy New Year, Pat!! 2 years of missing the ball drop? That's 2 years too long!!

Anonymous said...

"No ball-drop" except for under the covers

Happy New Year

Rhys said...

Rock on with yo' bad self! I sang karaoke for the very 1st time evah...but by myself, hmph. Except for my sis screaming in encouragement from time to time, which was nice. Back to writing...you are aninspiration. Goody goody. :)

Patrick J. Rodio said...

MQ - That's what she said.