Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger is gone

That is truly fucking ridiculous. Wow. A terrific actor, he looks simply amazing in The Dark Knight, and besides that, just about everything else he was in. Jesus Christ.

An amazing talent is gone (possible pill overdose - here is the NY Times article) which leads me to ask Hollywood - ARE YOU PEOPLE THAT FUCKING STUIPID??????????


blair said...

Very sad.

Here's some possible foreshadowing;

Heath Ledger Interview.

Notice where he talks about his sleeping patterns during "Dark Knight", and also notice a police spokeswoman is now saying that the pills were OTC sleeping pills.

Like many people, H'Wood or not, I bet he just couldn't sleep without them anymore, and was taking WAY over the prescribed dose. :\

Matt said...

Yeah, this really sucks. But it's hardly a Hollywood issue. Several people in my own family have had serious issues with drug addiction and two have died. And that's fairly typical of most families.

It's gonna be tough to watch The Dark KNight now and totally enjoy it, but I bet he kills in the film.

Blair said...

Agreed, Matt. Certainly it isn't just Hollywood.

I had a friend that I visited a lot at his college, and one year one of his classmates came close to dying, overdosing on a sleep med.

The kid had just gotten into a pattern of using them to sleep, as in he started using them when he had insomnia. He wasn't sleeping as much as he thought he should, so he'd up the dosage. Then again. And again. His body built up a resistance. Soon, he was taking FAR above the prescribed dosage, and he had a bit of a heart attack. Luckily, he had roommates, and he made it to the hospital. I imagine he went into a substance abuse program after.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Blair - Possibly. either way, it really is a tragedy.

Matt - I agree. It's just that they're under the microscope so it's magnified, but still, it's frustrating. And then you see Amy Winehouse walking around smoking crack or whatever and you just want to slap the taste out of her mouth.

Blair said...

As a friend put it today "I would've lost money in the office Death Pool, had I participated. I would've picked Brit or Amy Winehouse."

Yeah, if it happened to Amy Winehouse, everyone would say "sad, but, duh." With Ledger it is a tragedy.

Tavis said...

A tragedy indeed.

And has it really been almost fifteen years since River Phoenix?

It can hurt your brain trying to imagine what could have been and what won't be.