Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Slate

I heard Weinstein Co, Overture, & UA are the latest to have struck deals, like Letterman recently did, so I'm hoping this is a sign this daggone strike will end soon.

Loving my Laid re-write. It's gone through quite a change, hopefully for the better.

After this it's off to my already in progress comedy called The Stand-In, and I'd also like to continue work on my kids/family script called The Battle Of Thunder Hill. And of course I'd like to start my drama, Dakota, that's been kicking around my head. And finish my comedy Westville. And continue my murder/comedy called Thong. Oh, oh, and when I free up some more time I'll work on my other comedy called Kill Whitey. Almost forgot about my thriller, NSA. And my road comedy called Crazy With The Cheeze Whiz. And my working-in-a-mall comedy called Retail Messiahs. My heist comedy Temp'd. And my dark comedy called The Wonderful World Of Wonderworld.

I expect to have these done no later than 2020.

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Tavis said...

The strike can't end yet-- I still have to finish my current spec script!

Sounds like you'll be a busy one. Can we call you "Prolific" J. Rodio?