Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Sorry, I had to.

Some updates - New plan for Cricket Hill - We've decided to turn the pilot back into a 1 hour pilot, which I'm totally ok with. The first several drafts I made were 1 hour, so it'll be easy to re-expand it. The main reason is that it's more of a comedy/drama in its tone, not really a sitcom-ish line-line-punchline, line-line punchline type of story. So I'll be working on that, we've got a couple pretty big TV producers that we're taking it to soon.

Still plugging away on The Stand-In. My Manager is super-excited about this, he's already pitched the idea to a few of his peeps in H-Wood and they've all said it's something they'd like to see. The plan is to have that script completed next.

Haven't gotten to the movies lately, but if I did go I would NOT see Deja Vu (it just doesn't do anything for me, but I'll catch it on HBO) or The Nativity Story (doesn't look at all interesting). But I would like to see We Are Marshall. It just looks so damn inspiring and all, yeah, it's sure to make me weep like an open sore. I just gotta see it.

Saw Nacho Libre on DVD, enjoyed it, didn't blow me away. also saw The King which was an interesting movie, it was well done, but one you'd never have to watch again.

Music - I love that Fray song, How To Save A Life. Oh that's a good one. Broke out an old mix tape and caught some of my 90s goodies - James, Ride, Ocean Blue, REM, New Order, Depeche Mode, great stuff.

TV - We've been watching My Boys, a new sitcom on TBS. It's actually a very funny show, well written, and the cast is great. Nip/Tuck blows hard this year. Not into Daybreak at all. Still loving The Office, and my wife and I are hooked on Heroes, Friday Night Lights, 30 Rock, Studio 60, and Dexter. Oh, and Dirty Jobs!

Best Pix? Well, so far it's been United 93 at most of those critics awards, with Eastwood's Letters From Iwo Jima taking some. It looks like it'll go down like this for the Best Pic race:

United 93 (my fave of '06)
Letters From Iwo Jima
The Departed

As for #5, it'll likely be Little Miss Sunshine, Babel, or Pursuit Of Happyness.


Julie O. said...

My manager reps Jamie Linden, the guy who wrote WE ARE MARSHALL. The script is excellent and my manager says the film is amazing.

December 22nd - mark your calendars!

Brett said...

I've seen small chunks of MY BOYS these past two weeks now and have been happily surprised both times-- there's a goofy sweetness to it that makes it seem a little more human and real than a lot of the standard sitcom fare.

Plus the girl is realistically cute rather than drop dead gorgeous, which helps sell it as plausible. Me likee.

As for PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS... I very much look forward to ignoring it. Hmph.

ELM said...

I saw the first couple eps of My Boys and thought it had potential, but I think finding a solid fan base on TBS might be impossible.

But Brett, Will Smith solves a Rubik's cube. Powerful moment, I'm sure.

Not dissing Marshall, but I feel like I've seen the entire movie just by watching the trailer.

L.R. Williams said...

We Are Marshall is on my list just because I know about the story itself. I'm very curious of how they tell it on screen. As far as Best Pic goes, my choices are the same as yours, but I'm adding The Queen as another #5 choice. Music I strongly recommend is Thunderbird by Cassandra Wilson. A bit bluesy, but by far the best I've heard this year.