Friday, December 29, 2006

Da Worst

Oh my Christ, Domino was a complete mess. Finally got around to seeing it, and it had to be the worst movie I've seen in quite some time. I wanted it to be great. Cool. Kick-ass. It wasn't. I blame the script, although I'm hoping for Richard "Donnie Darko" Kelly's sake that it was ripped apart prior to production - because it stunk.

I liked the idea of the movie, the actors did the best they could with the trash they were given, and some of the action scenes were ok - I think. With Tony Scott's "directing" of late, you simply can not tell what the hell is going on. All of his scenes are a mess of useless flashes and jumpcuts. He's never been a great director but at least with his past successes, stuff like Top Gun and Days of Thunder, you could see that he knew how to put scenes/sequences together.

I think with True Romance he started to decline, depending too much on visual gimmicks. Enemy Of the State was a good effort, at least he had some actual direction going on, however, he threw all that out the window with Man On Fire and this tragedy on film - Domino. Tony - just make a movie that we can see and enjoy without having a fucking seizure.

I did see another God-awful movie - A Sound Of Thunder, starring Eddie Burns. Holy shit was this bad. Decent concept, but what an atrocious execution. The F/X in this steaming pile of llama shit made the effects in Space Pirates seem cutting edge. How could they have edited this together, added the effects, and said - Yup! It's awesome!! Wow. Bad.

These pieces of crap got me thinking though, of bad movies that you can actually enjoy that they're so bad. Like Arnie's Commando. Loved that! He throws the pipe into the baddie at the end and says "Let off some steam, Bennett." Classic. John Matrix rocks.

Two questions - what are some of the worst movies you've seen lately, and what movie (or movies) are really really bad but you still love them?


chris soth said...

I worked with those Commando guys... also had the classic "I let him go." double-entendre...

...worst lately? SO many to choose from...but Domino did surpass most. So bad they're good...I always have trouble w/that one...

...maybe 8-Legged Freaks?

taZ said...

Domino was awful indeed. Tony's style was good in Man On Fire (great film), but has become too much and pretty boring lately (he uses it in Deja Vu as well).

However, I must say that the worst movie I liked and can remember is the "straight to tv" The Librarian.

Reel Fanatic said...

How in the world did they turn what, on paper on least, should have made for such a great movie into something so wretched? Just incredible .. the worst movie I've seen recently was X-Men 3 ... just unforgivable

Moviequill said...

Worst? I just watched a double dose of bad: Searching For Bobby D and Joe Carnahan's pre-Narc opus Blood Guts Bullets and Octane, both surpass my previous worst ever Bubba Ho Tep