Monday, July 10, 2006


Well, it's landing at 132 million.

Saw the movie last night - Loved it. Great stuff happening in there. The Perfect Summer movie, and a perfect compliment to the 1st film, and I eagerly await to see what they come up with in the final installment, "At World's End."

Orlando Bloom has some nice stuff in here, his scenes with Stellan Skaarsgard are great, and this movie fleshes out some stuff we've heard about in the first movie. I like Bloom, shame he got stuck in the clunker, Elizabethtown, but I don't see that as his fault, that was more of Cameron Crowe's blunder.

Keira, sweet as always, and her character's actions are interesting to see.

Loved Bill Nighy as Davey Jones. Wow. Incredible work by him as well as the F/X team.

Depp - What can you say. Still owns this role, and his I did like what they did with his character here.

Gore Verbinski should get a special commendation for steering this ship, he's got so much well-choreographed action sequences going on at the same time throughout, it was a delight to see. Also, if you think he can only do big Summer flicks, check out The Weather Man, which he directed last year.

Was it a perfect movie? No, but it was fun as hell. Better than the 1st? I'd say it's a good companion piece. It's what a Summer movie should be.

Also, stick around through the end credits, there's a little something at the end that's quite funny.


Thomas Crymes said...

Saw it on Saturday, and sadly I can't really give it an honest review as "circumstances" had me in the bathroom for two stretches throughout the film.

I'd like to give it another chance, but the movie didn't really grab me and I didn't like it as much as the first one. I didn't like having to keep track of the various curses and still don't know what the 10 year thing is. And I had to strain to understand the Jamaican woman.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

You can't get up twice with the squirts (I'd say the average crap is between 10-15 mins) and then complain about not being into the movie. You were "into" the bathroom!!

Also, did you bitch and say Empire Strikes Back blew because there were some unresolved plot?? No, and it's the same here.

Thomas Crymes said...

Empire is different. Empire felt like it had an end. this movie kind of put the brakes on.

I'm not saying I didn't enjoy what I saw, because I thought it was a good ride. I do feel that it was missing something. The "it" factor wasn't there like it was for the original.

You felt it was easy to follow, I think there was too much going on. I'm still trying to figure out what the 10 year rule is. And this confusion isn't because I was in the bathroom. I think the commodore's appearance overly complicates things.

I would like to see it again though.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I would say that this had an ending, although it did leave you hanging, thus calling is a "cliffhangar."

There was a lot going on, but was into the story and was cool with that.

And while Empire (note: I'm not comparing quality, Empire is still amazing and in my all time top films) did have an end of sorts, there were still many things unresolved, like the fate of Mr. Solo!

Brett said...

DMC felt lik what it was-- the first half of a huge sprawling supersequel to a cool movie.

I maintain that DMC was too long, but that pretty clearly was due to FX rather than story demands (the final script weighed in at 112 pages, compared to the bladder-stretching 151 minutes of the actual movie), and I think there evidently were some odd tweaks made late in teh game which created some moments that didn;t connect so cohesively with the rest of the movie, but overall I enjoyed it a lot. There was waaaay too much anticipation and expectation for this thing to EVER live up to the hype, but it was fun, it was smart, and it was interesting and not totally predictable throughout.

And the final 23 seconds was enough to make me say "I will follow you guys anywhere in episode three." Loved it loved it loved it.