Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cool Movies Coming Soon

Both The Fountain and The Prestige look amazing. Can't wait to see both.

Pirates 2 just blew past 250+ million, of course, in record time. Depending on how it holds up against Boredom In the Water, Monster House, Clerks 2, and Super Ex, it should be past 300 million soon. Will it hit 400? We'll see how it holds up.

Meanwhile Superman might (MIGHT) finish with 200 million. I swore that would have made more $$. Cars in still cruising with 220 million and counting.

Chow Yun Fat has been cast in Pirates 3 as a pirate captain, which I think will be pretty damn cool.

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Lucy said...

Hey Patrick, got my bluecat feedback at last - and it was all my fault that I didn't get it. Now I've blown my chances of Gordy Hoffman ever thinking I'm cool - instead I'll always be the weird English chick who can't get into the right email account. Argh.