Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Updates, Etc....

That's the poster for the upcoming Gondry movie, the Science Of Sleep. I wish all posters at least TRIED to do something creative and different like this one. Great poster.

Here's an update.

Working on the final touches of the Cricket Hill script. We're in the "locking down scenes" phase now. It's looking good.

Caught up with some movies:

X-Men - Eh. Liked the concept, but way too short to have that many characters. Why the hell is Angel on ANY posters? He's in it for 2 minutes! He doesn't even warrant his own flashback! And how do you kill off a major character, off-screen no less, and have pretty much NO reaction to it from any of the characters?? I like Beast, and Grammer was good.

DaVinci - Eh. It was long, it felt long, and for such a fascinating subject/plot, was very uneventful. I felt every minute of it.

MI:3 - Easily the best of the summer thus far, best of the year so far is United 93.

Over The Hedge/Cars - Both are fun, smart, and damn cute, and both create excellent visuals in their worlds. Great stuff all around. The end credits of Cars was especially well done.

Underwhelmed 2. Oh, I mean Underworld 2. Boring as shit. Took 2 nights to watch it. It sucked. 1st was was pretty tedius, and redundant, as well as redundant, but I actually liked the 1st one better. Not much, mind you. These movies are a WASTE of an excellent idea (werewolf/vampire war? How freakin' cool is that?!). Yet, for most of their battles, they just shoot at each other.

Fun With Dick & Jane - I loved the hell out of this, and that surprised me. Jim Carrey owned it, and Tea Leoni rocked hard as well. I just liked it's fun, lightweight feel, and there were some terrific set-pieces. The whole immigrant/Mexico/busted mouth/"Hola" sequence was amazing. Alec Baldwin was good as usual.

Date Movie - Had some good laughs but ran out of steam pretty fast.

On TV:
Big Love finale kicked ass. Entourage is back and it looks like it'll be a great season. Also, looking forward to Psyche and I'm also digging The 4400.

Music - Snow Patrol's album is great. Also, check out Gnarles Barkley, Editors, and Mason Jennings.


William said...

I'm psyched Entourage is back. Did you catch Louie CK's show after?

Systemaddict said...

Narls Barkley (sp?) is good.
As for xmen and underworld...couldn't agree more...cept...I didn't watch the second underworld...I was too disapointed with the first one- such a great idea, such a wasted idea....

Scott the Reader said...

I read The Science of Sleep, and I remember being confused and underwhelmed. Maybe the visuals sort it out... or maybe Gondry should stop trying to write himself, and keep hiring guys like Charlie Kaufman to make something out of his ideas.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

"I'm gonna fuck your tits off." Great line, yeah, I caught Louie afterwards.

gizmorox said...

I happened to buy both Snow Patrol & Gnarls just today. Love Editors. Kudos on the music taste :)

The Moviequill said...

try this hot Canadian group I am into right now Danko/Jones