Friday, June 16, 2006

Cricket Hill & Food Fight!

Pic is from Pretty Persuasion, directed by Marcos Siega, produced by Prospect Pictures.

I'm in the process of "locking down" act 1 of the Cricket Hill TV series pilot. Once I finish this post, I plan on wrapping it up and e-mailing it over to Prospect Pictures. I've got all the notes I need from them, they are really awesome regarding making notes, etc, about everything.Every change I've made has made the project 1000% better. Then we'll write Acts 2 & 3 into stone and we'll be good to go. It's been going very smoothly and I've loved every moment of this experience.

Also just finished my Food Fight! draft (feature). It went over very well, just a bit of tweaking of Act 3 and we're going to send it on out into the world. My manager has been kicking ass with this one; he's already talked about it with a ton of people in the indusrty and they are eagerly awaiting it. The plan is to take it out and attach a few actors/a director. He's aiming at a Jack Black/Luke or Owen Wilson/Ryan Reynolds/Vince Vaughn/Will Ferrell - you get the point, it's got two male leads, so some sort of cool, fun combo will really make it kick ass. Jason Bateman (not a huge name, but a great actor with a kick-ass sarcastic/paranoid/neurotic/hilarious demeanor would also be perfect for one of the roles.

Song of the day - Mason Jennings - BE HERE NOW.


L.R. Williams said...

Congrats Pat! I know you must be proud. By the way, Happy Father's Day!

Julie O. said...

Go! Go! Go!

Linking you to my blog now -- sorry it's taken so long. I'm certain your traffic will increase infinitesimally as a result.

Systemaddict said...

Great showing mate- I can only hope the best for you...