Sunday, April 30, 2006

Not quite a void if you ask me.....

Hey gang,

Hope all is well out there. Had a conference call on Thursday regarding the first 14 pages of the Cricket Hill pilot.

Before my vacation, I had a similar conf. call with the Production Company heads, discussing the direction of the pilot. I went away (The Disney trip), mapped out the beginning of the pilot, and banged out the pages when I returned. I wrote 2 pages one night, followed by 12 the next.
I e-mailed it over, they read it. And they loved it. Thank Christ I'm on the right track. I feared them being like: "It's okay but we were thinking more like....." But they loved it, and that rocks.

Also, please go on over to The Celluloid Void and follow the progress of a short film by Aaron Coffman, he's got a short clip on a short film he's making (it's only 30 seconds, just do it). Why am I suggesting this? Cause it looks like a real damn movie, not some thrown together DV piece of shit that cost $.82 cents that too many of "filmmakers" are making (I'm guilty of it too, and there's nothing wrong with it, if that's the only way to make your movie, go for it). Point is though, after only a few seconds of seeing it, I can tell that this guy knows what he's doing. It actuallt looks like he went into it prepared. Best of luck to him.

Also, this kicks ass:


taZ said...

I thought so too, it had a nice feel in it.

Aren't so excited about the poster though. Like the teaser/trailer more. Too bad it's in french...

Enzio Pesta said...

Please use your spellchecker, Mr. Rodeo. The typos interrupt the channeling of positive energy during my meditation on your scriptures.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Taz, I like it, I like the look of it.

Enzio, um, yeah. Sure. That's something to worry about. By the way, it's RODIO.

taZ said...

By the style of Mr. Enzio's writing I'm sure he's some kind of gangster, so you better be careful with the typos "Rodeo"... :P

I'm bad.

Thomas Crymes said...

That Bond poster just did something to me.

I instantly knew they got it right. It's just a feeling I have, but it's a different direction (any other direction is better).

If the movie lives up to the poster, Bond is back.

Aaron said...

patrick, thanks for the kind words. I may post a full scene from the film today or tomorrow.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Sweet! Aaron, I look forward to it.
Good job on what you have so far.

Agree with the Crymedog about the poster. I think of 1 word when I look at it - Tension.

Taz, Enzio appears to throw a lot of grief over to us screenwriters (his blog, as he states, is created simply to mock us). Like we don't have enough bullshit to worry about, we need some goofball "making fun" of what we love to do. If it's all in good fun, then I'm ok with that, but if it's just to get under our skin, then that's simply annoying, lame, and I'll certainly never check out his useless blog.

Lucy said...

I think Enzio is another screenwriter's idea of a character personally...Seems people's imaginations are running rife on blogger of late: after all, what better way to prove one's writerly skills than impersonate someone AND get other writers to believe it? Might be funnier in the vein of Olaf, as opposed to the vitriol Enzio dishes out however.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Yeah, I like the Olaf.

Grubber said...

Glad it's going well Patrick. That is great news.

I agree with the others about the CR poster. It does have a nice feel about it.

Will check out that link as well.