Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Entertainment Update

Been out of the loop, caught up a bit on my tv & movie-watching:

What About Brian? - I like this show. Even though my movie Better Days that I self-produced in 2001 had the EXACT same premise, mine needed a re-write or 20 before I shot it. And better acting. And, oh nevermind. Anyway, I like the cast and the writing is good. The chicks on it are hot, which helps. Hell, I'd even bang Barry Watson like a screen door in a hurricane. Why not!?

Big Love - Best thing on TV right now. Love it. Been a Bill Paxton fan for years, hope he gets some Emmy-love. I picture Jeanne Tripplehorn scoring an Emmy nod, also maybe Ginnifer Goodwin for supporting. And Bill/Jeanne's daughter on the show is priceless (and hot). Great writing, solid direction, love it.

Everwood - Always dug this show. Still do.

Modern Men - Soon to be canceled I'm sure, but it has some funny dialogue in it.

Lost - Still love it. Too many freakin' repeats though.

Invasion - Good stuff here, and the plot keeps going forward.

All-American Rejects new CD isn't bad. I love that damn Train song, "Cab." A band called Editors (from UK I thinks?) are excellent. Still listening to The Killers, Arcade Fire, Interpol & Youth Group's last CDs.

A History Of Violence - I loved it, until he left for Philly. Then it kinda lost me and it ended up just being very good when it could have been excellent.

Shopgirl - I liked it. Whimsical. Took a bit for me to get into it, but I ended up digging it. Schwartzman was a hoot.

Brokeback Mountain - Finally I saw it! And my review is......Eh. It was good. NOT great. Glad Crash won. Wish Jarhead won, but anyways.... Like I said, it was good. Interesting. Beautifully shot. Performances were excellent all around, wish Heath won Best Actor, he ruled. But overall, left me unsatisfied.

The Ice Harvest - I liked this a ton. Fave scenes were with Oliver Platt & John Cusack, love to see a sequel with them. Nothing ground-breaking here but well done.

Walk the Line - Good movie. Not that I'd ever have the need to watch it again. It was good though.



gizmorox said...

I felt the same way about Brokeback. It was mediocre. History of Violence and Shopgirl I loved. The latter was so honest in its twisted emotionality.

And I'll admit the only reason I first tuned in to What About Brian was Barry Watson, but it's managed to keep me going back.

kristen said...

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Walk the Line. I didn't plan to see it but I found it fairly engrossing.

I agree w/you about Everwood. Though I made my boyfriend watch recently and he made snarky remarks about the sappy musical cues.

taZ said...

A History of Violence - nah. Agree with you. Only in a more negative way.

BM - nah. Agree with you. Only in a more negative way. Much more negative. Heath had a great perfomance? He ruled? Didn't notice...

Walk the Line - well, it's a musical so... I love it. Seen better though. As the Oscars-host (yes, I know his name) said, "Ray with white people instead".

I understand you're more of a drama/comedy man, aren't you? You don't watch Prison Break or 24? Why you should?

PB - learn how to structure, learn how to twist the twist.

24 - Just enjoy. Nothing to learn here.

Lost - Learn how to build characters and story. I mean in the best possible way.

Or is it only me that thinks how the script is like while watching something?

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I watch Prison Break, but am getting tired of all the false starts and ridiculousness of it all. Lost is becoming more believeable than Prison Break.

Lucy said...

Everybody loves LOST. Why?

Thomas Crymes said...

What is not to like about Lost?

Mysterious happenings on an island where all people involved are somehow inexplicably related.

Either it intrigues you or it doesn't. It intrigues most.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Right on, Crymes. Solid writing, good charactes and a nice mystery. It's a fun ride. New ep next week! Yay!

Lucy said...

I think what bothers me about LOST is the way they've managed to spin so many episodes out of it (2 series = over 30?). It feels less about intrigue to me than "Hey! look over here, we're trying to divert your attention whilst we get another 50 mins in!" It's a great concept, but I'd have liked to have seen fewer characters in hour long eps of a six parter. But, as Thomas says, most people like it, so it must be just me!

taZ said...

lucy, it's more like 2 series = like 50.

Lucy said...

Yeah, somebody said there was 22 in just the first series, so I guess if it's the same again that's 44. Must be a "SHORT AND SWEET" girl ; )