Friday, April 14, 2006

Not A Movie, but......even better!

First, I won't post until next week. Hitting Disney with the family.

Anyway, I had my conference call tonight. It went well, got to chat with some of the other behind-the-scenes people over at The Company Who Optioned Cricket Hill.

We've been kicking around this idea for almost a week now, and tonight it's official:

Cricket Hill will not be a movie. Nope. Instead, it will be a television series.

Sounds good to me. Really fucking good actually.

The plan is, using the Cricket Hill feature script as a blueprint, I will write the pilot episode, as well as mapping out 12 episodes that would all become the 1st season. The cliffhanger on Season 1 would be the main twist of Cricket Hill.

Once it's ready, they'll attach the director I spoke of previously (I spoke to him tonight; awesome guy, knows his shit, has directed a few features as well as some very high profile prime-time shows - he loves Cricket Hill and wants to do the pilot once it's ready). It was his idea to make it a TV show instead of a movie in the first place.

After that, they'll attach a showrunner, have an TV agent on-board, and start shopping it around. Due to its subject matter & salty language, they'll hit the pay channels first (Showtime, HBO, etc).

I couldn't be more excited.

Just like a feature script situation, it might never materialize. There's always the chance of never getting off the ground, nobody picking it up, etc. I've learned never to get TOO excited. But I've never been closer to the possibility. These guys are amazing and if something's gonna happen, it'll be through this company.

And who knows, maybe one day Shawna will have me on her list of upcoming shows (just hopefully not on the likely-to-be canceled list)!!

I'll keep you all posted as things progress.


ScriptWeaver said...

That's awesome! TV is blowing up these days!

Just let me know when they start hiring staff writers! :)

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Dude, you're in!

Systemaddict said...

Dude, that's pretty awesome. being able to explore some of the smaller details maybe you weren't able to before do to time restraints and length...the 'verse just got a little bigger for your world to form in.

congrats mate- fingers crossed

Systemaddict said...

oh- btw- love the Firefly ode

Greg said...

That's great..I hope the show gets off the ground and stays there for at least 7 seasons. ;-)

oneslackmartian said...

first of all, I would love to be on the soon-to-be-cancelled list. at least i'm on the air!

good luck, man!

Konrad West said...

Very cool. Be sure to demand that it airs in Australia!

Lucy said...

And in the UK! TV is where it's at...Sooooooooooooo jealous but so plsd for you, man.

Grubber said...

From the way you have described the concept of Cricket Hill, the idea of moving it to TV makes sense. Well to my warped brain anyway!

Fantastic news! Again, congrats!

writergurl said...

Congrats, I hope it works out stunningly well for ya!

MaryAn Batchellor said...

A television series? Why can it not be both?

The Moviequill said...

so is TV a shock for you or have you been down the tv road before?

Can Do Films said...

Congrats, man.

Looking forward to hearing more details when you feel the time is right to share them

Thank you for your comment on my blog. The script is coming along, but it's not "easy". I'm not blocked, more like I am having figuring what's the best way to get from scene to scene as opposed to the easiest,


m said...


Hells, yes.

The good stuff is on TV anyway, you know.

And like scriptweaver mentioned, when you start staffing...think of the scribosphere...heh