Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fuck, I last posted a year and a half ago?

Sorry about that. I really wanted to post more. Okay, clean slate. I'll post more.

No seriously. You just watch. EC Henry - You still alive?

Okay, quick writing update before I crash tonight.

The Accidents - Done, finished it, oh, several months ago. Didn't do much with it afterwards. Meant to enter it into Austin & Nichol but my feet dragging got the best of me and the deadlines passed. Got some feedback, however, from Bluecat (I entered their 2013 contest, but when you enter early you get feedback returned quickly). I liked what their two readers had to say, and they had some good notes for me that I plan on implementing to improve it, so maybe it's good that I waited before sending the thing out to more places/people.

Novels - I really want to complete another. I like Surviving Edwards Avenue, my first novel, although it's currently collecting pixels in my computer. Sent bunches of queries out, got a bunch of fuck yous in reply. That's fine. Fuck you, too. There is a plan in the works to rework it a bit, change it up some. We'll see.

More scripts? Started & stopped a few. I just can't wrap my head around writing as much as I used to. Hell, I used to pump out screenplays many moons ago, a few per year. What happened? A mid-life crisis kinda deal? Fuck, who knows. I still enjoy writing. Is it the 40 year old malaise (this started a couple years ago, however, so I can blame turning 4-0 all I want, but the truth is my writing has trailed off). I must change this. All I know is that I want to write more, I have gallons of ideas all the time. Dialogue still comes to me at random moments during the day, ideas, scenes, all that shit.  And then I sit down to write and it evaporates. I do not know. I have some started, we'll see if I can keep them going.

Had a few close calls with agents/producers. A few requested some scripts, sent them out, some said "nope, sorry writer" in their usual, generic kiss-off, and a few said nothing at all, which is the same as "nope, sorry writerguy. Also, if you have a day job, don't quit it. And if you don't have a day job, get one." Perhaps I'm reading into things too much.

Anyway, I am currently in talks with a producer to possibly have one of my scripts produced. I realize it could all disintegrate by the time I end this sentence, so while 10+ years ago I would get all excited at the prospect of a potential script sale/option, the reality of life has taught me to not really give a shit, so I don't give one. Still, it'd be nice....


E.C. Henry said...

Yes, I'm still alive, Patrick. Drinking a Miller Genuine Draft as I type in this response. Got a blog of my own now too. What can I say, you insprire like a motherfu... well, I can't bring myself to write the rest of that but moving on.

Cool beans that you've got an iron in the fire. Another pre-pro in the blogosphere is making some nice progress in her career too: Emily Blake at Bamboo Killers. Too bad you're already married, you two would have made a cute couple. ;)

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Thanks, EC! For yoursupport,and for sticking around!