Sunday, January 03, 2010


Best TV of 2009 - Breaking Bad; Modern Family; Glee; 30 Rock; The Office; Mad Men; Lost, Dexter; The United States Of Tara; The Middle; Big Love; True Blood; Men Of A Certain Age; Fringe, It's Always Sunny In Philly

Best Songs of 2009 - Youth Group - Friedrichstrasse; East Hundred - Plus Minus; Passion Pit - Moth's Wings; Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition; Jason Lytle - Yours Truly, the Commander; Kings Of Leon - Notion; The Dears - Money Babies; Julian Plenti - Unwind; One Day International - Not Over You; Matt & Kim - Daylight (for me, Daylight is my song of the year).

Best Albums - Passion Pit - Manners; Matt & Kim - Grand; Youth Group - The Night Is Ours, East Hundred - Passenger

Best Movies of '09 - The Hurt Locker - Up In The Air - (500) Days Of Summer - Fantastic Mr. Fox - Up - I Love You, Man - Where The Wild Things Are - District 9 - Star Trek - The Hangover - Away We Go.



E.C. Henry said...

Well-p, you sure know your entertainment, Rodio.

JUST saw "(500) Days of Summer" a couple of days ago and was pleasantly suprised by how good it was. You might wanna see "Nine" (Rob Marshall: Daniel Day Lewis), it was my second favorite movie this year. "Avatar" won it for me.

Outside of "The Black-eyed Peas," which is pretty much rammed down America's throat these day I've lost track of pop music. Groups and tittles of songs you listed; I can't tell the appart. 8-O

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

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