Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm done

Yup. I'm hanging up my screenwriting shoes. Why? I'm just beat. I've been at this thing for years now (11), and it's gotten me nowhere. Zilch. Nada. Had a few close calls but nothing ever came of anything.

I told my managers earlier today, and they understood where I was coming from. They left the door open if I decide to try again, but I can tell you that that will not be happening.

So, the plan is to pretty much stick with the regular job and concentrate on the family. Because really, I'm sick of the constant disappointment in this dead-end pipe dream.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't Fear

I've been trying to hammer out my comedy script The Stand-In. I'm on a sorta deadline, so not much to post about at the moment. But I hope y'all are rockin' & writin'.

In the meantime, check out Maps - great band. Well, it's one guy plus some other fellas when he plays live. Anyway get the whole album - great inspiring stuff to write to. Kinda trippy but thoughtful, Chapterhouse-meets-Stone Roses-meets-Charlatans UK with a sprinkle of Moby - if you guys have any idea the bands I'm talking about. The song/video below is pretty repetitive, however, it's quite beautiful. Enjoy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

15 Quotes Meme

Name the movie:

1. "'Cause me men, ain't we." GLORY

2. "I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast." CHARIOTS OF FIRE.

3. "No more yanky my wanky." 16 CANDLES

4. "Let them eat static." THE WRATH OF KHAN

5. "My name's Harry Pepper. If you ever have any trouble with the line, do me a favor, don't ask for Harry Pepper." BAREFOOT IN THE PARK

6. "Sex? He's a man! We wrestled!" BARTON FINK

7. "You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it, Anton: I never saved anything for the swim back." GATTACA

8. "I didn't want you to be this miserable. A little bit's all I asked for." BREAKING AWAY

9. "Kickboxing. Sport of the future." SAY ANYTHING

10. "Bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here! This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me!" PREDATOR

11. "Is it safe?" MARATHON MAN

12."I'd known her for years. We used to go to all the police functions together. Ah, how I loved her, but she had her music. I think she had her music. She'd hang out with the Chicago Male Chorus and Symphony. I don't recall her playing an instrument or be able to carry a tune. Yet she was on the road 300 days of the year. In fact I bought her a harp for christmas. She asked me what it was." NAKED GUN

13. "Nothing's riding on this except the first amendment to the Constitution, freedom of the press, and maybe the future of the country. Not that any of that matters, but if you guys fuck up again, I'm going to get mad. Goodnight." ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN

14. "I've tried everything: the embassy, the German government, the consulate. I even talked to the U.N. ambassador. It's no use, I just can't bring my wife to orgasm." TOP SECRET

15. "Very odd, what happens in a world without children's voices." CHILDREN OF MEN

I tag Aaron, MovieQuill & Taz.


Busy, busy. Trying to finish my Stand-In re-write so my managers (Heroes & Villains Entertainment) can start sending it out. I plan on getting them a draft within a week.

Lots of sickness going around, seems to have missed me, but not the kids. But they're troopers and are getting past it.

The talent show for my son's school seemed to be a success. I'm the coordinator for it (2nd year!) and everyone seemed to have a good time. The kids did awesome, and we kept it to 2 hours (32 acts, not bad!).

So, back to writing. Also, the Ben Stiller comedy epic Tropic Thunder looks to be great - If not, it still has one of the best tag lines ever: "Shit Blows Up!" Perfect.