Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't Fear

I've been trying to hammer out my comedy script The Stand-In. I'm on a sorta deadline, so not much to post about at the moment. But I hope y'all are rockin' & writin'.

In the meantime, check out Maps - great band. Well, it's one guy plus some other fellas when he plays live. Anyway get the whole album - great inspiring stuff to write to. Kinda trippy but thoughtful, Chapterhouse-meets-Stone Roses-meets-Charlatans UK with a sprinkle of Moby - if you guys have any idea the bands I'm talking about. The song/video below is pretty repetitive, however, it's quite beautiful. Enjoy!


Cecil said...

That's weird. In my RSS reader the video was a macy's commercial with Trump and Martha Steward. Hmm

Patrick J. Rodio said...