Tuesday, October 16, 2007

UNION - Done.

Still polishing my newest baby (UNION), but for the most part, it's complete. And I love it. Can't wait to get a nice, sleep logline together, when I have one I'm pleased with I'll post it and see what y'all think. It clocks in at 102 pages.

Have been editing LAID with some notes from my managers, so although I have a decent version I can send out, it's not officially out of the oven. It's like I put it back in because the middle was gooey....or another way to look at it is they gave me some killer notes and I decided to work on it further.

I just don't have enough freakin' time to write. Between work, wife, kids, and awesome TV like Reaper, Chuck, & 30 Rock, it's hard to get more writing done. Two scripts this year is decent (Laid & Union plus 2 re-writes of 2 older scripts) but I've got about 9837 more ideas I want to write, and easily 100 saved files on my cpu that are either partial scripts or a bunch of scenes that I've been dying to get to.

I'm itching to work on something dramatic next, so I might get to my Dakota idea, or my horror epic. If I feel comedic then I'll jump back into the Stand-In (already at page 60, I just put it aside to simmer) or Temp'd (I'm into act 2) or my mini-golf comedy I started 2 years ago, or Rollin' Thunda, another comedy. Jesus, see?!

For tonight, I'll polish Union. It's a damn good script, I just know it. It's sorta not too commercial, but then again, kinda is.

Oh well, I'll listen to the new Radiohead while I edit. I downloaded the new album. Amazing. As Tommy Cruise once said while manning a machine gun in TAPS: "It's fucking beautiful, man!!!"


The Moviequill said...

I am juggling projects right now too... rock n roll serial killer idea morphing into more of a thriller (this one is frosting my bottom this week) adaptation of a public domain Lovecraft story and a car-chase-love-triangle-robbery road movie... oh yeah, plus when I think of scenes for my high concept assassin action flic, I jot those down too... like you, I am never short on ideas... your stuff sounds great, Pat

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Yours, too, Bro. Keep it rolling!

annabel said...

It sounds like you have gotten a lot done. But, I know what you mean. There is just never enough time.

japhy99 said...

Attaboy Patrick.

Your hard drive sounds like my hard drive. Sometimes I open an old file and can't remember when or how I wrote those few scenes. It's like someone snuck into my office and put them there.

Laura Reyna said...

Also juggling projects here. 1 horror, 1 fantasy/comedy... and a western adventure.

Took a break from these & did 2 quicky beat sheets for a couple of thrillers.

Just started the dialogue on the comedy. Trying to keep it all rolling...

chrissoth said...

Two scripts in a year is golden. I average about that and it's my full time gig.