Monday, October 29, 2007

Sing A New Song

Several posts ago I mentioned that I sing in the car, not the shower. Well, today I thought about what songs really make me want to lose my voice; the songs that you sing along to until your voice cracks/breaks/shatters/melts. Here are some I came up with, most are things I listen to on a regular basis, with a couple oldies (for me at least) from the 80s. Feel free to add to the list!

U2 - 40, Desire, Bad, Where the Streets Have No Name, Exit, Beautiful Day, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, One

INXS - Don't Change, Guns In The Sky, New Sensation, Suicide Blonde

James - Sit Down, Sometimes, Seven

Youth Group - See Saw

Arcade Fire - Wake Up, Keep the Car Running, No Cars Go

The Waterboys - The Whole Of The Moon

World Party - Way Down Now

Tears For Fears - Shout

Snow Patrol - Run

REM - Superman, Green

Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down

The Cure - Just Like Heaven, In Between Days

New Order - Regret, Age Of Consent, Love Vigilantes

Coldplay - Yellow, In My Place

Travis - Turn

Radiohead - Let Down, Just, Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees

Interpol - Not Even Jail

Sum 41 - Pieces

My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade

GNR - Paradise city, Sweet Child O'Mine

Journey - Faithfully

Asia - The Heat Of The Moment, Only Time Will Tell

Secret Machines - 1000 Seconds

Nada Surf - The Blizzard Of '77, Killian's Red

The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It, When You Were Young


Emily Blake said...

I'm Not Okay, also by My Chemical Romance. I love that song so much. You should see me karaoke it. I bring the house down.

Brett said...

Oh, my-- "The Whole of the Moon."

I once edited a 72 page full color magazine with the Best of the Waterboys playing in an endless loop for 3 days straight.

I've never recovered, and that's not entirely a bad thing.

You climbed on the ladder
With the wind in your sails
You came like a comet
Blazing your trail
Too high
Too far
Too soon
You saw
the whole of the moon!

Love that song. Love it love it love it.

The Moviequill said...

Inxs - Soup Or Salad Bar (that's what I sing along to it)

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Em - That's a good one, too.

Brett - Amazing tune.

MQ - It took me a sec, then I got it.

Julie O. said...

Queen's "Don't Stop me Now."

Years ago, I lived in a house with no furniture in the living room. Home alone, I'd blast that song and dance 'til I was panting.

Julie O. said...

Oh- and tag, you're it. See my blog...

Rhys said...

Hell YES Journey! Just about anything by them.

Supertramp: Goodbye Stranger and Take the Long Way Home

Bob Seger: You'll Accomp'ny Me

Led Zep: Immigrant Song

Neil Diamond: Delirious Love

The Clash: London Calling

Steel Dragon: We All Die Young

T-Rex: Get It On, Ballroom Of Mars

The Ramones: My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down, Blitzkreig Bop

The Who: Baba O'Reilly...oh dear lord, Baba O'Reilly!

AC/DC: It's A Long Way To The Top

Babylon AD: Bang Go the Bells

Metallica: Wherever I May Roam

Guns N' Roses: Live And Let Die, November Rain (don't judge. The 80s Power Ballads rule my soul.)

Alice Cooper: I'm 18, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Hello Hooray

Motorhead: I Ain't No Nice Guy

This could go on forever. Better stop. I'll never get to sleep w/ all these songs in my head now. :)

Rhys said...

Holy crap, can't forget James: Laid.

Okay, stopping for real now.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Rhys - Geez, what about Lita Ford, while you're at it?

Rhys said...

Hahaha! Lita Ford! Wow, that brings back memories of middle school...

My friends and I once made up a groovy dance to her video at a slumber party while hopped up on Skittles and root beer. I'll never admit it, though.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

It ain't no big thing.

Rhys said...

Bwahaha! Good one. ;)