Friday, September 21, 2007


Some cool stuff coming up this season. The shows I'm looking forward to most are Chuck & Reaper, and the return of Lost, Weeds, Dexter and Heroes. Californication is holding my interest, but Tell Me You Love Me is a snooze. It's supposed to be so "real." Try lame. Bunch of whiners.

It'll be interesting to see where Heroes goes after their limp finale - some showdown. They should have just had a rock/paper/scissor battle royale. But it's a good show that should get better.

Thought the first K-Ville was decent, although I'm not sure that an escaped convict could join the Army & be a cop, just because records were lost in New Orleans from Katrina. Wouldn't his social security number come into play?

Bionic Woman could go either way, but I think it'll be decent. Can't promise I'll watch though. I'll check out Pushing Daisies, at least it sounds different.

What will get canceled? Hmm, there's no way Life will make it past a few epdisodes. It's a so-so premise, and too much other stuff on for people to care. Big Shots will probably have a big premiere then die. Journeyman looks blah - people didn't dig Daybreak and that had Taye Diggs. And Dirty Sexy Money might make it, but it's got a shit title and a lesser Baldwin.

What will U be watching??????


L.R. Williams said...

Thanks to the lovely invention called 'On Demand', it allowed me to watch Bionic Woman. Yeah. No.

Anonymous said...

Re: K'ville (even though it pains me to say this because I'm friends--we meet every Wednesday for lunch--with Derek Webster, "Charlie"), the show requires a great leap of faith in many areas (like how the hell did a felon get into an elite unit of the Army in the first place?--anybody who knows anything about bad guys sent to prison knows that not only do the locals have your fingerprints/SS#, but so do the Feds and getting into to an elite unit in the military requires a intensive background check)...BUT after that great leap of faith, there's still the fact that the show is just average at best--I mean, reeeeally, did anybody NOT know how it was going to turn out?

Hopefully K'ville gets better, my man Derek needs the work.

Emily Blake said...

Do watch Pushing Daisies. The pilot is brilliant, although the show is run with a very disorganized hand.

Aaron said...

Bionic Woman... wow, talk about disappointing.