Thursday, June 07, 2007

Week In Review - June 7

I'm gonna try to do a sorta "week in review" called "week in review" that will have silly writing updates, entertainment news, etc. Here goes:

I writing again! Been a while since I got much done in one sitting, but am currently working on 2 kick-ass comedies. Yay!

Paris Hilton - She's still an asshole. Oh, and she might have to go back to "jail." It's to be determined. Aw, poor thing, after all she did serve almost 5 days of her 23 day sentence, but was released to her mansion because of a medical problem. What could it have been? Crotch rot? Da clap?She's a fucking idiot, and she'll be back on (or off) the roads until she drives over some old man on a bike. A seriously useless person. Paris, that is. Not the old man. He's probably somebody's Grandpa and they love him so.

Lohan - Another asshole. This one is worse because she's actually shown that she has talent, but continues to vomit it away on her ridiculous drinking binges. Total fuck-up. Aw, poor beeyotch has some family issues? Join the rest of the fucking world, idiot.

JERICHO is returning! CBS uncancelled it. Good show, I'm happy about that. Can't wait until Big Love & Weeds, plus the next season of Entourage looks good.

Sean Connery out of Indy 4. I heard he'll be replaced by John Hurt. Hmm. Hurt's a good actor and all, but my 4 year old could put a beat-down on him. He's pretty frail-looking. John Hurt that is, not my son. My son will kick all your asses!

Not too much in music. Just go by Arcade Fire's Neon Bible and Travis' The Boy With No Name. Great stuff.

We just cleared 3,500 US dead in Iraq. This is a message for people who voted for Bush (AGAIN). You are idiots.



Matt said...

Good post, very much agree about Bush voters. As for Lohan, I have no sympathy for her. Which is weird, because when Robert Downey Jr. was going through his madness, I felt for him. Probably because everybody that ever worked with him praised his professionalism, and said he was never off his game. Lohan is the opposite, and she doesn't have a tenth of his talent.
End rant.

Anonymous said...

was last week the end of Entourage then? Yay about Jericho, I sent in a letter to CBS plus signed two petitions, first time I have been on the winning sides of one of these campaigns

Suburban Screenwriter said...

definitely happy about Jericho though theyre gonna knock out some of the characters to cover their reduced budget (still bummed they killed off Gerald McRaney) so we'll see how it works out...