Thursday, June 28, 2007

2007's coolest-looking flicks

Looking at the rest of 2007, there's some good shit coming. My must-sees are:

No Country For Old Men - Coen Bros. Nice-looking trailer, has a nice feel to it. I think it'll rock, and look for nominations for Tommy Lee Jones & Javier Bardem.

There Will Be Blood - Killer trailer. Reminds me of the better parts of Days Of Heaven. Daniel Day Lewis looks amazing already.

The Darjeeling Limited - Wes Anderson directs Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman & Owen Wilson. I'm so there.

Margot At The Wedding - Sounds like a chick flick, and it sorta looks like one, but it's directed by Noah Baumbach, who I've loved since Kicking & Screaming (not Will Ferrell's) from way back, although I didn't love The Squid & The Whale so much.

I Am Legend - The trailer is promising, and as long as Will Smith doesn't yell "Oh, hell, no!" I think it'll be a good sci-fi/horror epic.

The Ten - A 10 commandments comedy, with Paul Rudd, from the creators of Wet Hot American Summer. Seek out the trailer. Funny as hell.

Rescue Dawn - Werner Herzog's POW epic, nice buzz for Steve Zahn and Christian Bale.

Sunshine - Looks wonderful. Director Danny Boyle (Trainspotting, 28 Weeks Later) usually delivers, and even his "misfires" like A Life Less Ordinary are at least worth watching.

30 Days Of Night - Vampires. Alaska.
What do you guys wanna see?


Anonymous said...

the 30 Days looks like a great new take on an old premise for sure... I read the Margot script and fell asleep... I have ehard so much about how unrealistic the new Die Hard is so I am going to check it out on the 4th

Suburban Screenwriter said...

read pretty much all the 30 days of nights comic books--great stuff-- hopefully they keep the dread and gloom that worked for it along with not making the main character a wuss (cause it's a woman and Hollywood doesn't always do well with strong women)

Jason said...

Many of those are on my top list to see. I heard Zahn does a great job in Rescue Dawn. Maybe some Oscar talk.

Dante Kleinberg said...

Planning on seeing Sunshine for sure. Also Margot at the Wedding because it's Baumbach (did you see Mr. Jealousy? great fun)

Also the Simpsons Movie looks fun, I'll see Harry Potter though I'm not a Potter-fanatic, might see Stardust, might see The Invasian (long-time Kidman fan), maybe Hot Rod and The Brothers Solomon, and big maybes on Superbad, War, and Shoot 'Em Up...