Saturday, April 14, 2007


What movies make you cry like a little bitch? C'mon, be honest. Here's some of mine:

Old Yeller - Brutal, especially when I was young. He shot poor Yeller in the face, man! And throwing him a freakin' puppy at the end is useless. He'll probably just blow it away some day anyways. Thanks, Disney.

White Dog - Movie about a racist dog starring Kristy McNichol & Paul Winfield. Pretty bad movie, and any racial theme went well over my head at the time, all I know is at the end a really pretty doggy is lying in a pool of its own blood.

King Kong (late 70s with Jeff Bridges). Hey, I was young, man. Cried myself to sleep that night. Thump-thump...thump-thump...thump.....

The Elephant Man - All he wanted to be was normal, and get a decent night of sleep! Poor bastard.

ET - This is a no-brainer. Fucked me up for weeks.

Gallipoli - You won't breathe for the last 10 minutes of this.

Platoon - Powerful stuff. The ending always gets me.

Field of Dreams - Yeah, that's a big one. Great, great movie, too.

Dead Man Walking - I cried at this, not because I felt bad for the brutal rapist (Sean Penn) but I think at the whole screwed up tragedy of the situation. Powerful film.

Saving Private Ryan - I sobbed at this. Sobbed! Most I've ever cried at a movie. Ever. Starting with Jackson's death through the death of capt. miller, I felt the tears coming, then went into a full waterfall by the end in the cemetery.

United 93 - Amazing, amazing movie. Can't take my eyes off the screen for this, but the part that gets me bad is when one of the guys on the plane (I forget the name of the guy) is saying that he loves his wife, and "his boys." He knows he'll likely never see them again, and in that moment you can sense that all he wants is for them to grow up and live amazing lives.

Your turn!


Maggie said...

What Dreams May Come. That movie is a total sobfest from beginning to end.

Matt said...

Dead Man Walking-Penn's acting is so amazing that I do feel bad for him. Wonderful movie.
Agree with Saving Private Ryan. Anything starring Tim Allen.

EDDIE said...

Good Will Hunting and The Green Mile. Private Ryan got me too. And it wasn't really crying as much as I got something in my eye.


Emily Blake said...

Hero. The Chinese one. Because the film tells the same story three different ways, I cry three different times during the movie. And I bawl like a teenage girl who got stood up on prom night.

Spanish Prisoner said...

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso


Midnight Cowboy

justinotherfool said...

Dead Poet Society gets me every damn time.

I don't care if it's cheesy, I challenge you not to cry at the end of Best Of The Best.

And Pat, I didn't forget how you were blubbering like a baby at the end of Glory.

The Moviequill said...

Brian's Song...

and Vanishing Point after they destroy that Challenger, what a sacilidge

Scott the Reader said...

I tend to get teary when I'm tired, so who knows.

But I remember crying in Last of the Mohicans, when the two characters leap off the waterfall to their deaths.

Joe in Haddonfield said...

Goodwill Hunting gets me, too. It hits close to home on many levels, not the least is connected to my own Boston upbringing.

Recently, The Road to Terabithia. The loss of imagination in children is the saddest thing in the world.

It's a Wonderful Life also gets me.

Fun Joel said...

I remember sitting all by myself in the middle of the afternoon (broad daylight) watching Cinema Paradisio. When it got to the climactic scene int eh movie theater, I just started bawling my eyes out! I mean, tears just streaming down my cheeks and everything.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Justin - you're 100% correct, I did weep at Glory. I didn't cry at Dead Poets, but it did give me chills, in a good way.

As for Cinema Pardiso, damn fine film. Didn't cry, but still a great, great film.

I've also cried at some trailers, like when I saw the Son Of the Mask & Baby Geniuses 2 trailers, I cried in disbelief that they got made.

Laura Reyna said...

Recent movies:

Rabbit-Proof Fence


Eight Below. Some sled dogs get left behind in Antartica & have to fend for themselves. Not all of them make it. Cried and cried...

Manipulative bastards!