Saturday, April 28, 2007

Finally My Meme (Updated!)

Been out of the loop for the past week due to CPU issues (thanks, Comcast!). That MovieQuill punk tagged me to answer his 5 things nobody knows about me meme. Here goes.

I had to go back and add this. Consider this 1A - I thought it'd be a good addition to my list, so I guess I got six things listed. Anyway:

White pregnant with me, my mom smoked like a chimney and worked in some kind of plant, and I was born with a birth defect! Thanks, Ma! Bitch! Anyway, the middle of my chest was sunken in. Sweet!

Had operation when I was 5 by C. Everett Koop (went on to be Surgeon General). And they installed a metal plate in my chest so I wouldn't die and all (I wouldn't have made it to my teens they said). Now I've got a cool scar to prove it! And no, I do not set off metal detectors.

1. Growing up, I'd eat salad plain. No dressing. I finally upgraded to French in my 20s, and now in my 30s I'm moved up to Creamy Italian, too.

2. First movie experience that I remember - Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind - Got scared shitless, made Grandparents get me the hell out of there. The fucking toys came alive, man!!!

3. Career - Growing up, I wanted to study oceans. Then I wanted to be a forest ranger. Then a pilot, preferrably of an Apache helicopter. Then I wanted to be an Architect. Then I graduated high school and did squat for a few years. Finally I decided to become an actor. I met my future wife, she put the kabosh on that and I decided to study journalism, which led to screenwriting, which led to producing & directing, which led to producing & directing extremely low budget movies that went nowhere, which led me back to screenwriting. Too late to study oceans?

4. I have a hatred for assholes who smoke in front of their kids. Hey guys, you're killing them!! I saw some dopey bitch driving the other day, her window cracked, her cigarette dangling from her ashtray mouth, and her little kid is in the backseat sucking in the smoke. Real nice, dope! Might as well just shoot him. By the way, guys are obviously as guilty, I was just using this lady as an example. I've seen plenty of dopey pricks doing the same thing.

It also bothers me to no end when I see kids/babies not buckled, or sitting in the front passenger seat with their mommies - Hey people, if you get into an accident your kid is gonna get torn to shreds - Wake up, fuckers.

5. I've never been to a strip club. Nope. I'm 34 now, and I've never been. And we have a few around here, I've just never gone.

So, I shall now tag Tommygun Crymes & Scriptweaver, mainly since they're bastards and haven't posted in a long damn time.


The Moviequill said...

Careers: when I was a kid I always wanted to either write professionally or own my own record store, two dreams. I pursued one and operated my own cd store from 1988-99. Then I wandered aimlessly around for a year to 18 months, changed countries and met someone in a local screenwriting group. Now I am in pursuit of my other dream. If I make it, it will be surreal, having lived my entire life doing exactly what I wanted (minus that two year stint where I was an apprentice offset pressman and drank my paychecks)

Emily Blake said...

My mom smoked while she was pregnant with me. I weighed five pounds and was a little jaundiced when I was born, but other than that I'm perfectly healthy.

I love my mom despite that.

Suburban Screenwriter said...

Good info your cewl meter just went up a few more notches (not that it was at the bottom to begin with) If enough of us say were tired of the smokers/unsafe drivers with kids maybe we can save a few lives...good stuff

Thomas Crymes said...

Considering our history, I'll let the "Nobody knows" portion of the meme slide by.