Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Three Years For A Healthy White Baby? What Else Ya' Got?


Contests - Eagerly awaiting the next phase of Fade In - I have 2 scripts in the quarterfinals - Zucker & A Couple Of Joes. We'll see if they can make it further. Also, I've got A Couple Of Joes in the Screenwriting Showcase Awards where I've made the final 10 - notification of the winner is 3/17. I've already won Movie Magic software, although I've always been a Final Draft guy.

Talent Show - It's over, and I loved doing it. Can't wait until next year. It was nerve-racking, but the kids were truly amazing. Next one will be better now that I've got this experience under my belt. Can't say enough about the kids, amazing, amazing, amazing. The audience loved it because I kept it short.

TV - Watching mostly Heroes, The Office, Lost & Jericho. Heroes is 1st- Season-Lost good, we'll see if they can keep up the crisp writing and cool stories.

Music - Latest CD's we're spinning are Peter, Bjorn & John as well as Silversun Pick-Ups. Just got the new Arcade Fire - DAMN they are GOOD. Buy The Neon Bible.

Scripts - now that the talent show is done, I can re-focus. I've got 4 scripts I've been bouncing between. I'd like to finish Union and The Stand-In, but I'm also eager to finish Westville and Rainwater. Rainwater is an older script that I never finished, okay, I never got off page 6, but I've got some great ideas for it and am looking forward to tackling it again.


Anonymous said...

I just converted to Movie Magic this past week... circumstances beyond my control, but I am liking it, sort of like comparing Delicious to McIntosh (the apple not the computer)

Scabbus McCockus (I voted for him)

Thomas Crymes said...

Two Koreans and Negro born with his heart on the outside.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Crazy world.

Thomas Crymes said...

They oughta sell tickets.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I'd buy one.