Saturday, August 15, 2009

2009 Summer Movies

Haven't seen Food Inc, 500 Days Of Summer, The Cove or District 9 yet, so they could make a best-of list, but for now......

The Best........

The Hurt Locker - Stunning, tense. With top of the line performances from Jeremy Renner and Anthony Mackie; awesome, taut direction from Kathryn Bigelow; and a bad-ass script.

Up - Beautiful. Bittersweet. Devastating. Inspiring.

The Hangover - Simply put, funny as Hells.

Star Trek - Fun, exciting - what the new Star Wars trilogy should have been. Wish George Lucas had JJ Abrahms direct the new trilogy.

The Not-So-Best......

Ice Age 3 - Pretty harmless, but pointless stuff.

GI Joe - Actually had some fun sequences, and there's a great movie to be had here, somewhere. But Tatum as Duke? Duke's not a mumbler.

Funny People - I liked the look inside of comedians lives (though we've already seen it before), and it had some funny moments, but overall, it was hard to get into. Sandler was almost impossible to like/root for, and he did a great job actually with the role, but still, he was just too much of a prick.

Night At The Museum 2 - Eh, it was okay. Again, kinda pointless story-wise, but had some good moments here and there.


E.C. Henry said...

I agree with ya, Patrick, "Star Trek" ROCKED; best time at the movies so far in '09 -- though I have high hopes for "District 9." Hope to see that tomorrow at the Bonney Lake multiplex with my family.

Keep posting. You're starting to get on a roll.

- E.C. Henry

E.C. Henry said...

It's been 3 moths since we've heard from ya, Ruckus -- you still alive? Just taking a break from the blogosphere? Or have have you hung up your pen?

Philip Palmer said...

Hurt Locker, Up and Star Trek are great choices - is Up the best film ever made? Well I loved it.

District 9 was also great and I adored The Watchmen too, though not everyone did. (Was it a summer movie though?)

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manoj said...

Yes Patrick, GI Joe and Hurt locker are some of the good movies. Hope you enjoyed watching all the movies.

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