Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Script Title

Yo. Been a weird Summer, I'll leave it at that.

I'm awaiting word on two screenplay competitions - Austin, which should hopefully announce 2nd rounders/semi finalists soon (this week?) and Writers On The Storm (9/15 - quarter-finalists). Once again, fingers crossed.

By the way, my new profile pic was taken by me in Serbia back in 2000, in a small village outside of Belgrade. He's a neat kid, and there were a bunch of other amazing kids that had gathered around to see the dorky American with his dorky camera. Got some great shots.

So I've been tinkering with a script or two. Kinda settled (but not really - focus, Pat! Focus!) on two - Westville and another that I'll need your help on:

It's about a 30ish year old guy, married with kids. But his wife is leaving him, and his life is unraveling. It's a drama but with some comedic touches.

His name in the script is Nate Bloom. Two titles I'm kicking aroung are: Bloom & The Separation Of Nate.

Which do you guys prefer?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Unless round's funny

Got a few scripts I've been kicking around over the last few months, and as usual, will be starting a new one before the other ones are finished...or even halfway done.

Bluecat Union update - No go for the Semi-finals. Ah, phoey. Guess I'll just have to win at Austin (2nd rounders to be announced at the end of the month - fingers crossed).

Taking a look at some screenplays I started but never finished for a variety of reasons, such as America Inc, Westville, and The Wonderful World Of Wonderworld. All comedies, cause that's my thang.

I started a new screenplay about a month ago that was supposed to be a drama, but couldn't help throwing some comedy at it. Life's funny, what the hell can I do?! That one is called The Separation of Nate. Have an outline for one called Funeral also. So, I may be telling y'all about any number of these soon (hopefully I'll be saying something along the lines of "I finally finished...." or I'll be saying how I just started 6 more new scripts. Who knows. Writers write, so as long as I'm working on something, even with a lack of focus, at least I be writin.'

Still stuck on the new Coldplay, James and Weezer albums, and will be attending the All Points West shebang at Liberty State Park on August 9th with Radiohead headlining. Should be pretty amazing.