Monday, June 30, 2008

Pat Rodio Park!!! NICE!!

WOW! Somewhere in Fairfax, VA, there is a park called Pat Rodio Park. It's apparently also known as Keith Avenue Park, but screw Keith. What the hell has he ever done?

Check it out here ---

Now, while the park looks cool and all, I really wish they would have consulted me on this before they built the joint. It's my legacy, after all. It looks fun enough, but I hope somewhere out of the picture's view is a tall slide, a see saw, maybe some kind of sand box, and (obviously) a merry-go-round - a vomit-inducing nightmare that many park-builders seem to have forgotten.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Okay, starting to write again. We'll see how it goes.

Sent out UNION to some competitions/fests - Bluecat, Austin, and Writers on the Storm. I'll keep anyone who gives a poop updated, and post any feedback (from Bluecat & Writers).

Touching up an old script that was requested off of called Dritwood. Basically a road crime comedy that takes place across NJ. I shot a trailer for it in 1998 on Super 16mm. I'll post it if I can.

Going to start a new script soon. I've got plenty of other ones already started but this one is important. Cathartic, perhaps. Been a real shit year, so we'll see how this one goes.

As for my box office guesses so far it's been hit & miss.

Iron Man - I said 330 million and it's at 297+ million. Might not hit 330 but might hang around to get close.

Indy - I said 290 million. It's at 276 and stills trong so it should pass 300.

Kung Fu Panda - I had at 140 and it's at 117 and strong as hell. Likely to get over 200 but Wall-E will knock it down this week.

My 2 that were WAAAAYY off were Sex and the Shitty (I had at 40 million, oops) and Speed Racer (I had at 180-190 - double Oops.)

Music-wise I'm listening to Editors, Interpol and the new albums from Weezer (not all great, but some stellar tunes) & Coldplay (so far it's amazing).


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Almost there........

Trying to get back. Difficult. Zero inspiration. Actually, negative inspiration nowadays. Lots of shizzle going on. None of it good. Just some personal, life-altering stuff to clean up.

As for writing, I may have fixed a typo here & there but that's about it. My managers read The Stand In, and dropped me. Thanks, guys! Upside is I was with a new agent by the end of the week, so not all is lost.

Anyhoo, as for movies, saw Kung Fu Panda which was a fun romp. Indy was ok, better than most popcorn movies nowadays but it was just really forced. Speed Racer was Speed Racer, won't change the world but it wasn't what I would call bad.

So once I sort of the personal life I'll try to get back on the writing horse.