Monday, June 30, 2008

Pat Rodio Park!!! NICE!!

WOW! Somewhere in Fairfax, VA, there is a park called Pat Rodio Park. It's apparently also known as Keith Avenue Park, but screw Keith. What the hell has he ever done?

Check it out here ---

Now, while the park looks cool and all, I really wish they would have consulted me on this before they built the joint. It's my legacy, after all. It looks fun enough, but I hope somewhere out of the picture's view is a tall slide, a see saw, maybe some kind of sand box, and (obviously) a merry-go-round - a vomit-inducing nightmare that many park-builders seem to have forgotten.


Tavis Sarmento said...

And it's got a bouncy horse! Sweet!

Chris said...

haha I visit near here all the time (friends from college live in Fairfax). I could stop by and take a pic if you want... though the website has a picture of the sign already. Any requests?

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Geez, I just don't know. Be creative!