Saturday, December 27, 2008


It's been a weird fucking year. 2008. It can go, can't wait 'til it does.

I thought 2007 was a weird one.

I wish I had 2007 back.

It's also hard to believe that 2008 is already over. I have these mini-flashbacks of events that happened this year that seemed like they JUST happened.

Bascially, life is moving r e a l l y fast. We all know this, of course, but it's amazing how fast it does go when you think about crap like that.


I was trying to get my horror script done but my head/heart/guts just aren't into it.

I had 3 script requests before the holidays - The Money Shot, The Stand-In, and A Couple Of Joes. Sent them out, hope to hear something in January. Fingers crossed.

Bloom/Separation Of Nate - Haven't gotten much done on it lately but an adjustment here, a tweak there.

Westville - Still love this one, and I think it'll be the one I finish next. I've got Act 1 done and I'm happy with it, and I'm well into Act 2. It's a fun script, has elements of Diner & American Graffitti.

Titan - This was my high school drama. Not about a shooting (although it touches on one) but focuses on one kid who is pretty much left behind, bullied, etc, and how his life falls apart. I think a story like this will always be topical - maybe too much so - I'd hate to rip off some story of some poor kid from a current headline.

And I've got about 5-6 others that I look at every now & then, itching to click on the file and getting back to them.


Saw some stuff here & there.....

Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist - Loved this. A sweet movie, great performances, and a killer soundtrack.

Burn After Reading - Smart & fun as hell.

Milk - Really well done. Sean Penn was superb, and Gus Van Sant really poured his heart into this.

Let The Right One In - A stunner.

Role Models - Funniest movie of the year of good, funny movies. Also loved Tropic Thunder, but Role Models is better. Jane Lynch is great in support - will someone give this lady an award already?!

The Day The Earth Stood Still - Not horrible.

Changeling - Interesting story. Had the pace of a dead tortoise but was a decent film, just something I'd never really watch again.

Can't wait to see: The Wrestler, Benjamin Button
Happy holidays.


E.C. Henry said...

Good to have you back, Patrick -- and busy as ever! Hope your efforts pay off with a script sale, sounds like you have a lot to offer. Next Judd Apatow, I'll bet.

Thanks for the movie reviews. Have you seen "Slumdog Millionaire?" GREAT movie. Best of '08, as far as I'm concerned. VERY interesting style choices made in this one, especially the Indian techno music. Even if a story of the Indian slums doesn't interest you, go see this show. It starts off slow, but by the 3rd act, you're hooked!

Wishing you all the sucesses imaginable in 2009. Stay strong!

- E.C. Henry from Bonney Lake, WA

Matt said...

Same to you, Patrick. Good luck to you this coming year.

Aaron said...

Welcome back. Good luck with the requests.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

EC - Thanks. I've noticed I do have an Apatow style, not from copying him, it's just how some of my comedies flow. And I do wanna see Slumdog, so I'll check it out, thanks!

Matt & Aaron, thanks, and best of lcuk in '09!

japhy99 said...

Welcome back dude -- I've been slacking on the blog, too. Gotta get revved back up.

Anonymous said...

Was seriously disappointed by "Burn After Reading". All things considered I don't expect it'll be mentioned in the same breath as "The Big Lebowski" or "O'Brother Where Art Thou?", much less "The Hudsucker Proxy".