Thursday, July 12, 2007

At 98 We All Rotate

Name the song from the above-referenced quote and I'll buy you a shot.

Mid-year report.....

Screenwriting - A lot in the oven, but none of it has finished cooking. Usually at this point of the year I'd have 2 completed feature-length screenplays, but for the better part of this year I've been burned out and exhausted/disheartened/depressed from the daytime job. Luckily, I'm getting out of the slump and have made great progress on my raunchy teen comedy called LAID. It'll be finished by early August and hopefully after I've worked on it with my agent it'll be set to go out by Fall.

Flicks: Haven't seen all that many movies. What I have seen:

The Invisible - I liked this. Pretty neat idea (not totally original, but what the hell is). Anyway I thought it was done well, had crisp direction and a great soundtrack.

In The Land Of Women - I think EW gave it an F. That's harsh. I'd say B minus. It wasn't awful, not great either, but wasn't a total loss.

Shrek The Third - Had its moments, a few funny gags & lines here and there, but for the most part, really not necessary.

Hostel 2 - Worst movie of the year. I dig horror movies, and I don't mind gore and all, but this movie was a steaming pile of feces. It was ruthless, brutal, and bad. A shame because I think Eli Roth isn't a bad filmmaker.

Pirates 3 - I liked it. It was fun. Way long, and there was simply too much story going on but overall it was fun, not as good as the 2nd but a decent bookend.

Knocked Up - Best of the year so far. See it.

300 - Meh. It looked neat and all, but I kinda got sick of it.

Box Office
In April, I made some guesstimates. Here's how they are holding up:

I said:
Pirates - 390 million. It's at 301 million and grinding to a halt.

Spidey 3 - 360 million. Well, it's at 334. Close, but no cigarette.

Shrek 3 - 320 million. It's at 316 and is almost finished. Close!

Transformers - 240 million. I didn't take into consideration that it might be good, or at least get decent reviews. It made 155 mil so far in its 1st week, so it'll likely cruise past 240, depending how it holds up.

Potter - I said 235 million, and it made 44.5 in ONE DAY. but it'll probably fall off, so we'll see where it lands.

Surf's Up - I said 180. not even close. It's at 56 million and just about dead.

Fantastic 4 - I said 170. It's at 123 and running out of steam so it won't be making that.

Oceans 13 - I said 150. It's at 109 and will probably get to 118-120.

Knocked Up - I said 160. It's at 132 but has good legs.

Ratatoullie - I said 140 and it's at 109 so it should clear that. Surprising it didn't tank.

Die Hard 4 - I said 130 mil. It's at 84 currently and should be passing 100 soon, so this might be a close one.

License to Wed - I said 150. Hahaha. Good one. I'm sorry, I thought it might actually be good. Oops.

Mr. Brooks - I thought around 110. Oops again.

28 Weeks Later - I said 30 and that's about what it made.

Evan Almighty - I said 90 million. It's at 78 and croaking, so I might be right, but it could sneak by 100 and make like 107 million.

1408 - I said 60 and it's at 58 but still going, might finished with 75-80 million.

That's all team. I'm off to The Outer Banks from the 14th to the 21st. Be good!


Fun Joel said...

INXS - Mediate

I'm waiting patiently for my shot!

Danny Stack said...

It's INXS, Mediate, and - d'oh! - didn't see FJ there. Still, I'll take a virtual shot from across the pond...

Danny Stack said...

Jamesons, straight up, ta.

Piers said...

Mediate by INXS - but you'll have to take my word for it that I didn't just get it from the other two.

Tequila if anyone else is having it. Otherwise mine's a single malt.

Anonymous said...

Hostel -- can't blame Eli for pushing the envelope to see just how much the kiddies will take, now we all know what the boundary is

Emily Blake said...

Oooh enjoy the Outer Banks. Bring lots of insect repellent and try not to erode!

Seriously though. Insect repellent. Tons.

Thomas Crymes said...

300 is my fave of the year so far. I really dug it.

I do want to see Knocked Up though, especially after those You Tubed deleted scenes. Good stuff.

Thomas Crymes said...

Not to mention that there are a few key candidates for "The Hall" in 300.