Saturday, May 26, 2007

Writing Update #4389678394b

Finally, trying to focus here. Most of my nights recently have been spent opening my Final Draft, staring at the 20+ screenplays in various stages of development, then falling asleep. Been in a rut. Work is blah. No news from the Manager (but he is waiting on my script The Stand-In, he thinks it's an easy pitch, high concept stuff). Problem is - I haven't had the inspiration to finish the damn thing. Hard to write without wanting to write it.

Instead I went back and worked on older scripts, even started a new one. But I've shifted my focus on 3 of them, a re-write of Cricket Hill, a comedy called Union that I started in December, and yes - The Stand-In. I mean, if he thinks he can sell the damn thing, I should at least finish it. I had some decent ideas for it so I'll work on it, but I won't force it.

Also, finally got my prize for being in the top 10 of a recent screenplay compeition - MovieMagic Screenwriting software (I first mentioned it was coming many posts ago). But I'm a Final Draft guy so I'll just hang on to it I guess. Received news of another recent competition - Nada. Sending out 1 or 2 for Austin. fingers crossed.

Have a good Memorial Day.


Anonymous said...

you should see your MM to pay for some script page copying, FEDEX charges or a new printer cartridge maybe? I only have 6 ideas percolating in various stages so I can only imagine how big your balls must be right now heh

Patrick J. Rodio said...

I must admit, I have excellent balls.

Eddie said...

Forgive me if I'm being too personal here, or just a little slow and need to pay closer attention, but --

How did you come about your manager? Is he on the left coast, and do you have to make regular trips out there, or does modern technology bridge the gap pretty well?

I feel the rut thing, too, inertia can be a bitch. I've been Mr.BigIdea lately, but have very few pages to show for it. Good luck with the pitch, man.

annabel said...

At least you are not short on ideas! ;)