Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'll show you the life of the mind

Random quote above, has nothing to do with my post.

I thought Kenny Rogers was gonna bitch slap Todd Jones. I'm still thinking Detroit in 6. Wish the Phils were in it though.

I checked out Thank you For Smoking finally. It was good. Didn't blow me away but it was very well done. Eckhart ruled. Lots of catcthing up to do with DVD watching. We've got The King, Inside Man, Art School Confidential and Friends With Money to watch next...if only there weren't so many decent TV shows on this year! Still loving Jericho, Weeds & The Office. The 9 is good but I see it getting canceled (the ratings are dropping like a stone. Same with the fine Studio 60). And I'm still on-board with Lost. The season has gotten off to a good start. Oh, and Help Me Help you is actually pretty funny.

Check out Sam's Town by The Killers. At first listen I wasn't too thrilled by it, but after repeated plays it's growing on me.

As for my script-writing - I'm all over the place. I thought I had pinned down my next script to actually focus on, and I kinda have, but I've come up with 2 more kick-ass ideas sicne my last post, and habve decided to go back and work on a drama I started last year....which you guys can help me with - The title. Here's the jist of it - it's a dark family drama, dealing with drug abuse & murder. My original title was Pearl River, but I don't want it to be seen as a Mystic River rip so I'm not 100% on it. Alternate titles are The People Down The Street and The Rest Of Us.

Thoughts? How do you feel about these titles? Have any other title ideas?


greg said...


I told you about Sam's Town! Something about that overly dramatic, all-male chorus, pleading and whining to the stars...

I don't know...but the more I listen to it - the more I smile and sing along.

Good luck with the script. Can't wait to hear more about the TV show either.

Keep fighting the fight.

Anonymous said...

don't you just love when those ideas keep coming at you from all angles, sort of like the Death Star fighters?... I am rewriting one, research on a potential other, writing one and then WTF, out of the blue here comes a whole fantastic new idea that makes me reach for the toilet paper early

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Greg - There are several songs that are great on the album, I'm not sure if it's as good as Hot Fuss but it's a solid album that is getting better.

MQ - It's frustrating though, I simply don't have enough freaking time to write all the scripts that I want to! but I do keep a role of TP handy!

William said...

I'm going to see The Killers tomorrow night at the Garden. Should be cool. Sam's Town got slammed by the critics. Everyone wasn't expected such a drastic change with the music and the look too. It does grow on you.

You sound busy. Busy is good. So good luck with being busy.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

You know, they've got a different look (but not all that much, this is kinda ow they looked in their last video off of Hot Fuss) but they don't really sound all that drastically different.