Monday, February 07, 2011

Writin' Like A Mofo

Been a while since I've actually written much - anything - in this blog. Does anyone read these still? I dunno. But a quick update for the 2 or 3 people that might come across this, even if by accident.

I'm writing again. A lot. Maybe I was blocked, I don't know. I wanted to write, but I couldn't. Well, that's over. Here's what I'm working on:

The Accidents - This is the only screenplay I'm working on at the moment, and I think it's the ONE. I know, I know, I've said it before, but it really feels like it this time. Usually, I'll have a great start and get through Act 1 when the Act 2 blahs set in and my mind will wander elsewhere. Not this time, I'm approaching page 70 and going strong. Hopefully I'll finish it this week.

Westville - I started it as a screenplay (before the Act 2 blahs set in...see what I mean!) but it feels better now that I've started turning it into a novel. I did it with Surviving Edwards Avenue, another screenplay that I adapted into a novel last year.

Surviving Edwards Avenue - As far as I'm concerned, it's done, and in pretty good shape. I like it a lot. Been sending query letters out to agents to see if they bite. Now, just hoping for a bite.

Memoir - I've had a bunch of starts & stops with this one. Every time I think it's ready I start writing, and then I realize it's not ready.

Zombie, NJ - My horror-comedy novel. I wrote the screenplay in 2009, thought it was a cool, fun romp, so I decided to adapt it into a novel also. I've got the first few chapters done and like it so far. It's not high on the priority list of things to write/work on, but I return to it from time to time.

Hopefully, at least one of these will be finished soon.