Tuesday, November 24, 2009

WTF - Why the Face?

Ok, back.

So, what's up? Well......

I finished a script. Not a huge deal but it's my first completed script in a year after dozens of stops & starts. Anyways, it's called Zombie, NJ, and it's about, well, that. I like it, it's fun, goofy, topical, and has some pretty cool sequences. My first real popcorn script you could say.

I started to tweet. Sorry for the lack of tweets, I'll try to be a better tweeter. http://twitter.com/PatRodio

Here is another Twitter page I follow - http://twitter.com/KipKoopa

I'm on Facebook still, and have uploaded gallons of pix from the past movie productions I shot a few years ago. It's fun to look back, but I do miss shooting stuff.
Movies I've seen of late - Where The Wild Things Are - A Beauty. Wow.
Planet 51 - Cute, has some stuff for the adults, but a decent kid flick.
Want to see: Men Who Stare At Goats, Up In The Air, Lovely Bones, Greenburg (Noah Baumbach's next film) and Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Good TV - Modern Family. Glee. Bored To Death. Sunny/Philly.
Listening to: The Dears. Julian Plenti. Jason Lytle. MGMT. Passion Pit.