Saturday, October 29, 2005

Kingdom of Boredom

Dammit. I wanted to like it. I like the Orlando Bloom. Ridley Scott usually rocks. Neeson, Thewlis, Irons. How can you go wrong with all those ingredients? Well, the script. Damn, shame, the movie LOOKED great. nice enough (if nothing new) score. Bloom plays sad well, but his character was lifeless and dragged the movie down. Don't think it was his fault, again, I'd fault the screenplay. Didn't go much of anywhere until the end when it did get exciting (the siege). Good stuff there, it's a shame it came after 90 minutes of people riding horses.

My First 1

I'm new to this, so this is just a test run. I like the blog idea, think it's a pretty cool thing to get your thoughts out "there." I liked the other writing blogs that I've been seeing so I'm not breaking any sort of new ground here but thought I'd jump on the bandwagon (or at least grab the bumper of it). Will anyone care? Nah. Will anyone read my posts? Not sure. The main things I'll write about will be writing & filmmaking, as I try to get my screenplays out in the world or try to make one into a movie. So let's see how it goes..........