Thursday, June 18, 2009

Throwing $50 out the window

I wanted to write this on June 8th, but, well, I didn't. But I wanted to share.

6/8 was the deadline for Austin. And I just HAD to send something. I had a few choices I was thinking about sending a month prior, but life sped up to the weekend prior to the late deadline and there I was, with nothing sent yet. So I decided to send The Stand-In.

So I went to print it on Friday night, thinking I can mail it Saturday the 6th. But I discovered I was out of ink.


So, after work on Saturday I buy ink. Head home, print the mofo out. But I don't have 3 hole punch paper (I swore I did), and can't find my 3-hole puncher. Post office is closed anway so I gotta wait 'til Monday.

Monday the 8th.

6:30am. Rise. Make breakfast for my kids.

7:00am. Get spatula, scrape kids out of bed.

8:15am. Drop the kids off at school, head to work, take script and entry materials with me.

9:00am. Start working. No time to mail script yet.

12:00. First inspection (I'm a home inspector) runs long. I know my office has a 3 hole punch so I run over there, 3-hole punch The Stand In, then realize I still need card stock covers. But I'm running late and head straight to 2nd inspection.

NOTE: It's at this point of my day that I wish Austin joined the 00's and accepted e-mail submissions.

4:00pm. Inspection ends. Hit Staples to grab card stock. Attach card stock, head to Post Office.

4:53pm. While in line at Post Office I make the mistake at glancing at the script (don't do this). I see two things that I would immediately want to change. Not typos, but poor wording.

On the 1st page.

No time for corrections, I mailed it off.

Hectic day aside, my thoughts spin around me. Did I pick the right script? I thought it was a good comedy, but good enough to place? I just don't know. I got my notice from BlueCat regarding the quarterfinals (didn't make it). I wasn't even in the top 987,645,464 quarter-finalists. And what did I send? The Stand-In.

So, Austin looks bleak. Enjoy the $50 bucks, Austin. Buy yourself something pretty.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Where Are We?

Hello? Fellow bloggers? Where the hell did we go? Are we over the blogging thing? I dunno. I mean, I have time to post, I just don't do it. And it seems like a lot of other bloggers/writers have stopped as well. Not all, of course, but there's been a noticeable drop off.

Are we busy writing? Working the day job? Raising a family? Farting around? Farting?

Writing's been hard to get going. I still have several scripts started and am working on them as I much as I can, I've listed their titles here before. I'll mail out The Stand-In to Austin on Monday, and am waiting on the Bluecat Results (quarterfinals announced soon).

Peace out.